17. Who will be the strongest ?

JESUS OR THE DEVIL? On our last show, we talked about Jesus’ baptism in the Jordan River. Speaking of this, what happened at the moment when Jesus came out of the water? Do you remember that Heaven opened and the Holy Spirit descended on Him in the form of a dove and a voice from […]

18. Why do they want to follow Jesus ?

You remember Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist and was filled with the Holy Spirit. Do you know what happened next? Well! Jesus is going to leave his job as a carpenter to deal only with the business of God his Father because that is why he came from heaven.What does it mean, « Mind […]

19. But where does this good wine come from ?

Andrew, Peter, Philip, Nathanael… that means something to you. Yes! These are the first four disciples of Jesus. In our last talk we saw how they met Jesus and how immediately they wanted to follow him. John the Baptist had told them:– Look, he is the Lamb of God, the promised savior. But for most […]

20. Will this boy be healed ?

Today we are going to talk about a boy who is sick. Yes it happens to everyone to be sick. Angina, bronchitis, fever! You have to stay in bed, miss school or an outing with friends … you know that! After a few good remedies you are back on your feet, and off you go! […]

21. Will Peter continue his trade as a fisherman ?

This is our second talk “1,2,3 STORY TIME”, our special program for you kids but also for adults, because the Gospel is good news for everyone.Yes for all! Do you know what Jesus was saying?– Come, come to me, come all, even you who are tired, sick, I will relieve you, come because God loves […]

22. What is important to Jesus ?

If I ask you how your day was yesterday, you might say:– What a strange question?Absolutely, it is likely that there was little difference between today and yesterday no big changes, or big surprises.We are going to look at a typical day in the life of Jesus when He was on earth.How did he spend […]

23. Will this man dare to comme to Jesus?

Today, we’re going to talk about friends; do you have any friends?Certainly! It’s important to have friends and even more important to have good friends. If not. You feel lonely and it’s sad. You can count on your friends; share your games with them, your joys and your worries. It makes us feel good.Are you […]

24. Can Jesus forgive sins ?

In our programs, we share Gospel stories with you. How Jesus went through towns and villages to bless all those who came to Him.Today, we are going to talk about forgiveness, healing, sin and disobedience.Sin cannot be seen, but it is a little like an illness. It is not the body that is sick, but […]

25. How should we pray ?

Today we are going to talk about prayer. Have you ever seen people pray? Some pray often, while others never pray. But, what is « praying »? It is talking to God; a little like when you phone a friend. You can’t see him but you know that he can hear you.Recently a child told me: – […]

26. And you … How do you want to pray ?

Our Father is the prayer that Jesus taught his disciples who understood that praying is important, but who didn’t know how to do.Today we have invited two children to the studio, we will call them Lea and Paul. Why did they come? Because they have things to tell us about prayer and they also have […]