15. How Jesus was as a child?

In our last story, we saw that wise men came from a distant land to worship baby Jesus. But the King of Israel, a cruel man sought to put him to death, so Joseph and Mary fled to Egypt and for some time, lived in that foreign land. They then, returned to Nazareth and it […]

15. Jésus… comment était-il quand il était enfant ?

Nous avons vu dans notre dernière histoire, que des mages sont venus d’un pays lointain pour adorer le petit enfant Jésus. Mais le roi d’Israël, un homme cruel a cherché à le faire mourir, alors Joseph et Marie ont fui en Egypte et pendant quelque temps ils ont habité dans ce pays étranger. Ils sont […]

32. Is my heart, like the land of a garden?

Today we are going to talk about earth, garden, seeds, and our heart. Why? Well, because in a little story he told Jesus compares our heart to earth, the earth of a garden for example. In the earth, and in your heart too, there will be all kinds of seeds, ideas, thoughts, as well as […]