77. The apostle Paul, who was he?

We have often spoken of the apostles, Matthew, Peter, John, James, but there is one we’ve never talked about. It is the apostle Paul. Do you know his story? Do you know how he became an apostle of Jesus? This is what we are going to tell you. Paul is his name in Latin, but […]

73. The ascension of Jesus

When I was a kid, there was someone I would have liked to see. I used to say to my parents: “They were lucky the disciples, they saw Jesus! I would like to see Him too.” But, It is not possible! In fact, the disciples didn’t see Him for very long. Do you know how […]

72. The patience of Jesus for his disciples

For months the disciples, Matthew, John, Peter, Thomas, and the others, spent great times with Jesus. You remember all the miracles they saw. But the recent events have shaken them up a lot. The mood has changed, some are happy, others rather sad. One of them can’t believe what he’s told. Pierre is unhappy, he […]

73. L’ascension de Jésus

Quand j’étais enfant, il y a quelqu’un que j’aurais voulu voir. Je disais à mes parents : «Ils ont eu de la chance les disciples, ils ont vu Jésus ! Moi aussi, je voudrais Le voir. » Mais, ce n’est pas possible ! En fait, les disciples ne L’ont pas vu très longtemps. Sais-tu combien […]

72. La patience de Jésus envers ses disciples

Pendant des mois, les disciples, Matthieu, Jean, Pierre, Thomas, et les autres, ont passé des moments formidables avec Jésus. Tu te souviens de tous les miracles qu’ils ont vus. Mais les derniers événements les ont beaucoup bousculés. L’ambiance a changé, les uns sont heureux, d’autres plutôt tristes. L’un d’eux n’arrive pas à croire ce qu’on […]

16. What is baptism?

In our last program, we told about Jesus when He was a child, what He was like, what He did, how He lived and His first visit to the temple in Jerusalem. Do you remember how old He was? Twelve years old. In our story today, we’re going to speak about Him again, but this […]

15. Jésus… comment était-il quand il était enfant ?

Nous avons vu dans notre dernière histoire, que des mages sont venus d’un pays lointain pour adorer le petit enfant Jésus. Mais le roi d’Israël, un homme cruel a cherché à le faire mourir, alors Joseph et Marie ont fui en Egypte et pendant quelque temps ils ont habité dans ce pays étranger. Ils sont […]

09. Does God keep his promises?

Today we are going to talk about promises. Has anyone ever made a promise to you? I suppose so! And you, have you already done so? Certainly! We’ve all done it, and I don’t know if you’re like me, but I like people to keep the promise that they made to me. Something promised is […]