52. The resurrection of Lazarus

Do you remember Martha and Mary, these two sisters who so loved to receive Jesus in their house? While Martha was preparing food, Mary was sitting at the feet of Jesus to listen to him. In this family there was also Lazarus, their brother; all three were close friends of Jesus and yet, one day, […]

51. Forgiving

Today we are going to talk about forgiveness. You have already had the opportunity to ask for forgiveness from your father, your mother, or your friend and you were glad they forgave you and forgot what had happened. Now let’s say it’s a friend of yours who did something wrong towards you. You have a […]

08. Comment revenir à Dieu ?

Nous avons parlé de la création et dernièrement nous avons vu comment Adam et Eve vivaient heureux avec Dieu mais aussi comment ils lui ont désobéi, préférant obéir au diable. Depuis ce jour-là, le malheur est venu sur la terre, le mal est entré dans le cœur de tous les hommes et il y a […]