22. What is important to Jesus?

If I ask you how your day was yesterday, you might say: – What a strange question? Absolutely, it is likely that there was little difference between today and yesterday no big changes, or big surprises. We are going to look at a typical day in the life of Jesus when He was on earth. […]

22. Qu’est-ce qui est important pour Jésus ?

Si je te demande comment s’est passée ta journée d’hier, tu me répondras peut être : « voilà une drôle de question. » En effet, hier ou aujourd’hui, il est probable que ce soit à peu près pareil pour toi, pas de grands changements, de grandes surprises. Je te propose de voir comment se passait […]

21. Will Peter continue his trade as a fisherman?

This is our second talk “1,2,3 STORY TIME”, our special program for you kids but also for adults, because the Gospel is good news for everyone. Yes for all! Do you know what Jesus was saying? – Come, come to me, come all, even you who are tired, sick, I will relieve you, come because […]