60. The parable of talents

Our previous talk was about the return of Jesus. Maybe you are you wondering when this is going to happen, in a year, two years, more, less… We cannot know it since Jesus did not say it. However, He told a little story, a parable, that we are going to discover now and that you […]

60. La parabole des talents

Lors de notre précédente émission, nous avons parlé du retour de Jésus. Peut-être que te demandes-tu quand est-ce que cela va arriver, dans un an, deux ans, plus, moins… Nous ne pouvons pas le savoir puisque Jésus ne l’a pas dit. Par contre, Il a raconté une petite histoire, une parabole, que nous allons découvrir […]

51. Forgiving

Today we are going to talk about forgiveness. You have already had the opportunity to ask for forgiveness from your father, your mother, or your friend and you were glad they forgave you and forgot what had happened. Now let’s say it’s a friend of yours who did something wrong towards you. You have a […]