Let’s see… how do you do when you have good news to share, like you managed to do something you couldn’t do? You write a letter or you phone, you send an SMS, or an email, and presto! Let’s go! You say it by jumping, singing or very softly in your ear. Finally you manage to let others know and even more to be as happy as you. That’s what you do! Is not it? And how does God do when he wants to share good news? Well, we’ve seen it in our last stories. Many times He sent His messengers from heaven, angels. For example to Zacharias, to Mary, to Joseph, to the shepherds. But He doesn’t always do the same, and today we’re going to see how He warns an old man and an old lady. We will tell you this story which you can read again in the 2nd chapter of the Gospel of Luke. At the end of the story, you can answer my question: Simeon and Anne, what do they do when they see the baby?

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Simeon is an old gentleman who lives in Jerusalem. He loves God with all his heart. He knows that God has promised to send a savior to do good for both children and adults. He believes it with all his heart and for years and years he has waited for this to happen. He is not discouraged because God made a promise to him that he would not die until he saw this promised savior. One day the Spirit of God prompted him to go to the temple. It is as if, in his heart, he was told: -Simeon, go to the temple, go to the temple. Simeon obeys because he knows that God sometimes speaks that way. As he enters the temple, he sees a young couple arriving with a baby in their arms. They are coming to present their child to the Lord. They are Joseph and Mary. Simeon does not know them and this baby Marie is carrying has nothing special, but Simeon understands immediately what is going on. He gently takes the baby in his arms and starts talking to God, praising him. He says: – My God, now I can die, I can leave in peace with you, because today I see the savior whom you promised. He is the light that will enlighten all nations, all peoples. Joseph and Marie listen in wonder. Simeon blesses them then he says strange things to Mary: – Many people will reject your son, and that will make you suffer. But he will also be the cause of great joy to many others. Marie does not understand very well but she keeps these words preciously in her memory. Now here comes an 84 year old lady, Anne. She has lived in the temple for years. When she sees the baby, she starts to praise God loudly because she too understands. The Spirit of God revealed to her that this little child that is there is the promised savior. She is so happy… finally! He’s there. She tells all the people she meets who are also waiting for the savior to come. She says to them: – You can be happy! You can now rejoice because God sent him, he is born, I saw him, he is Jesus. Glory to God who always keeps His promises and who will do good to his people. Mary and Joseph are in awe of everything they see and hear. God is letting people know to they do not know that Jesus is truly the promised savoir. They keep all of these things in their hearts. After these unforgettable days, they return to their house taking good care of the little child. But, we will see in our next story that many surprises still await them. So, see you soon on “1,2,3 STORY TIME!”

1, 2 3, 4 AND YOU AND ME! Personally, I have never seen an angel. And you have you ever seen? No! Neither did Simeon and Anne, but God did otherwise so that they knew that Jesus was born. It was in their hearts that things happened. Yes, the Spirit of God can warn us, let us know something special, it’s for us. God has everything at his disposal, he does as he wants with everyone. But the important thing for Him is that all men and all children know that Jesus came to do them good. And you… well, you know that now. Tell me, have you noticed what Simeon and Anne do when they see Jesus? That’s our question. They do like the shepherds; they praise God and thank Him. They are in joy. And you, are you in the joy of knowing that Jesus came to do you good, to bless you?

4, 3, 2, 1 AND WE PARENTS! Have you ever met any of those old Christians sparkling with joy for the Lord? Despite the pains, failing health, the worries of life, they are still there, encouraging, ready to remind you of God’s promises? They remind me of Simeon and Anne whose faith in the Word of God has not wavered despite years of waiting. But where is the secret of their perseverance? How did they understand what the Spirit of God was telling them? What did the coming of Jesus mean to them? As you reread the 2nd chapter of the Gospel of Luke, you will find answers. The story of their life enlightens us and gives us paths to follow.