During our last program, Franck welcomed Paul and Léa. Do you remember what Lea told us? “I would like God to answer me right away”. You may say it too? It’s true that God doesn’t always respond right away so … what do we do? Do we stop praying? Do we get discouraged? It can happen and Jesus knows it well. To help us, he told two stories to his disciples. – Persevere! He said to them, God gives good things to his children. But “persevere”, do you know what that means? We will now tell you these two little stories. Listen carefully and then you can answer the question: what does “Persevere” mean?

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Jesus first tells the story of three friends. Imagine that you are woken up in the middle of the night by a friend of yours who arrives without warning. What a surprise! He has made a long trip, he is very tired, he doesn’t know where to sleep and he has no food. Problem…! You have nothing to offer him. The situation is delicate. You then have the idea of going to your neighbor; he is a friend, maybe he will have something to give you. No light! Everyone must be asleep. You knock softly on his door… Nothing! You start again… Still nothing! No sign of life, not a sound inside. You tap a little harder and call out: – Oh! Can you open up your door? A friend of mine has just arrived at my house. I have nothing to offer him. I need three loaves of bread can you lend them to me? Everything remains silent: – Ooh! Ooh! Please Open! Open up to me. You are still drumming. – Ah! I really can’t believe it! To disturb people at such a time. We are all in bed, my children are sleeping and you are going to wake them up. The house is closed. Sorry but I can’t get up now to give you some bread. But, you absolutely need something to eat for your friend. So you still insist. Finally, your friend gets up. He will get the three loaves of bread and give them to you. But, why is he giving them to you? No! It is not because you are his friend that he gives them to you, but just so that you to leave him alone. And Jesus adds: – Ask God your Father who is in heaven, continue to ask and you will receive. Search, persevere in your search and you will find; knock, insist and the door will be open to you. Because whoever asks will receive in the end; whoever seeks, will finally find and to the one who knocks insistently, the door will be opened This is persevering! WHAT WILL HIS FATHER GIVE HIM? Here is the second story Jesus tells his disciples: Imagine your son telling you: – I’m hungry, please, Daddy, give me a piece of bread. Are you going to answer him: – Here, my son, here is a stone? – No! Imagine he said to you: – Please, Daddy, give me some fish. Are you going to answer him: – Here is a snake? – No! Imagine he said to you: – Please, Daddy, give me an egg. Are you going to say: – Here is a scorpion? – No! Of course! Even parents who are not always good parents still know how to give their children what is necessary, then will your Father, who is in heaven, not give good things to those who ask him?

1, 2 3, 4 AND YOU AND ME! We will immediately answer our question: “What does that mean: to persevere in prayer? In the story of the three friends, Jesus tells us: “to ask God again and again, to insist without being discouraged.” Even if the answer does not come immediately, we can continue to pray because our Father, who is in heaven, is good, Jesus told us in the second story. He wants to give us the best. And sometimes the best for us is a “No!” to our prayer or “Hold on!”. I think you and I are going to keep praying and we will see God answer us. When and how, we don’t know, but… he will and when he responds to us, well, we won’t forget to say thank you.

4, 3, 2, 1 AND WE PARENTS! – Mom dad! Please give me some money, I need it! – Hold on! Wait a minute, I can’t now! – Yes! Please quick, I need it! Who has not known these moments of impatience of children? They want everything NOW and if they are asked to wait, they get frustrated. But we often have good reasons to keep them waiting. And to answer is to say sometimes “Yes!”, “No!” or “Wait!”. Time allows reflection, a more accurate appreciation of situations, things, a rooting in faith. In short the teaching of life. The Lord does His work of regeneration in us, he knows what is best for us and our children. When the answer is long overdue, Jesus’ words are real encouragement. So let’s persevere. Let us ask, seek, knock because Our Heavenly Father, who is sovereign, loves us