76. Philippe and the African minister

There was a problem at school and the teacher asked the students what had happened. – I’ve seen it all, Madam, replies Lucas, I’ve heard it all. – So tell me what you know since you witnessed what happened. Quite so! Lucas is a witness. To be a witness is to say what you know, […]

71. Believe, a little, a lot or not at all?

2000 years ago, there were neither magazines nor news on TV? So how did people come to learn the news, the current events? Well! Quite simply, everyone was saying what they knew. So imagine! During the feast of the Passover, in addition to the inhabitants of the city, there are had thousands of pilgrims in […]

68. Why does he not defend himself ?

Listen to what happened to Yoan. – It’s not me, Dad! I assure you it’s not my fault! It’s not me! – I was told it’s you, you will be punished! – It’s not true. I’m telling you it’s not me! It’s not fair! Yoan is very angry. They are accusing him falsely. He defended […]

59. The return of Jesus

Do you like knowing in advance what is going to happen? Certainly! You can prepare yourself rejoice or be worried, be afraid. In short, we are all a little the same, we are curious and some times, we so much want to know, we insist. – Tell me, tell me…! Regarding our future, it’s different. […]

58. The man who hides

Through the stories of the gospel, we get to know Jesus better. We are now in the last week of his life on earth. It is time to go to Jerusalem for the Passover feast and Jesus has to go through Jericho. Jericho! Do you remember? There he healed a blind man. In today’s story, […]

56. How to get to heaven?

Today we are going to meet a young man who comes to Jesus with a very important question. He wants to know how to deserve a place in heaven. It’s rather interesting, isn’t it? He thinks he’s doing everything right but let’s see what Jesus replies to him. You will find this account in chapter […]

52. The resurrection of Lazarus

Do you remember Martha and Mary, these two sisters who so loved to receive Jesus in their house? While Martha was preparing food, Mary was sitting at the feet of Jesus to listen to him. In this family there was also Lazarus, their brother; all three were close friends of Jesus and yet, one day, […]

51. Forgiving

Today we are going to talk about forgiveness. You have already had the opportunity to ask for forgiveness from your father, your mother, or your friend and you were glad they forgave you and forgot what had happened. Now let’s say it’s a friend of yours who did something wrong towards you. You have a […]

49. What happens after death?

  I don’t know if you’re like me but for a long time I wondered if hell really existed. When I was in school, we sometimes talked about it with boys and girls. There were some who said existed and others that it was a made-up story. In any case, me, I was scared, but […]

56. Comment aller au ciel ?

Aujourd’hui, nous allons rencontrer un jeune homme qui vient vers Jésus avec une question très importante. Il veut savoir comment faire pour mériter le ciel. C’est plutôt intéressant, n’est-ce pas ? Il pense qu’il fait tout bien mais voyons ce que Jésus va lui répondre. Tu retrouveras ce récit au chapitre 10 de l’Évangile de […]