Do you like knowing in advance what is going to happen? Certainly! You can prepare yourself rejoice or be worried, be afraid. In short, we are all a little the same, we are curious and some times, we so much want to know, we insist. – Tell me, tell me…! Regarding our future, it’s different. God warns us not to seek to know, there are too many dangers. But there is the future of the world, and maybe you’ve heard of the end of the world. How is it going to be? And the return of Jesus, when will it happen? Like us, Jesus’ disciples were curious. One day, they asked him question: – You told us that you will die soon, and that you will rise again, you will go to heaven; But one day, You will come back and there will also be the end of the world. Tell us what it is going to be like Let’s listen now and you can answer my question: What did Jesus repeat several times?

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Jesus has just left the temple in Jerusalem. As He walks away, the disciples join Him. They tell him: – Lord, have you seen the beauty of temple? It really is an extraordinary building, a marvel! Can you see these beautiful stones? – Yes, take a good look at them, answers Jesus, because I can assure you that everything that you admire there, will be demolished, the temple will be overthrown and there will not be a single stone placed on another stone! The magnificent temple of Jerusalem! Destroyed! The disciples are amazed, but they say nothing. They continue on their way as far as a hill in front of Jerusalem. Jesus sits down and his disciples settle around him; it’s the right time to ask Him some questions: – Lord, tells us! When will the temple be destroyed and when will you come back. What will be the sign that will announce it? Jesus does not answer the first question but we know that the temple was destroyed less than 40 years later, some of the disciples were witnesses to the event. Regarding his return, He said to them: – Nobody knows what day and at what time, I will come back to look for those who belong to me, neither the angels in heaven, nor even me; Only God knows! That is why, you must get ready, because I will come when you don’t think about it, you will be surprised! On that day, God will sound a resounding trumpet from heaven He will send his angels to the four corners of the earth, they will gather all those who belong to Him from one end of the world to the other. Jesus will appear on the clouds of the sky with great power and great glory. All who have believed in Him will come and meet Him on the clouds. Those who are dead will be resurrected and those who are alive will be changed, all will have a new, glorious body. Jesus will take them with him. Forever they will be in glory. The coming of Jesus will be by surprise, very, very fast, faster than a flash or the blink of an eye, in an atom of time. You imagine! This is why Jesus repeated several times to his disciples: – Get ready because I will come like a thief in the night, without warning, by surprise. You understand that those who are not ready will not have time to prepare in the blink of an eye. This is why Jesus continues: – That day, if two workers are working side by side, the one who is ready will be taken away and the other one will be left. If two women are grinding grain, one will be selected, the other one left. If two people are in the same bed, one will be taken, the other one left. Get ready, since you don’t know at what moment I will return. Believe me, if a father of family knew what time of night the thief might come, he would not sleep. He would keep watch so as not to let his house be robbed, so I tell you again, get ready. Those who are not ready will stay on earth where life will become very difficult. There will be all kinds of disasters, famines, earthquakes, terrible wars; wickedness and violence will have no imit. As for the end of the world, Jesus warns us that it will really take place but much later, with the Last Judgment. The men will meet in front of the great throne of God; no one will be able to escape or hide. They will be judged and condemned because they will not have accepted to repent of their wickedness when they were on earth and welcome the salvation that Jesus offered them. We have all this information because what God wants, it’s not that we live these difficult moments but on the contrary that we always stand by Him in glory.

1, 2 3, 4 AND YOU AND ME! We will immediately answer our question: “What did Jesus repeat? Several times? “. He said over and over again: “Be ready”. What do you think it means to be ready? The first thing is to believe that He exists, that He loves us and that on the cross He was punished in our place. The second is to ask Him for forgiveness, believe that He forgives us and strive to be pleasing to Him. When we are ready, we can wait for Him without worry and rather with joy because nothing on the earth will only be as beautiful as what we‘ll experience with Him in heaven.

4, 3, 2, 1 AND WE PARENTS! Jesus gave many arguments to awaken our intelligence so that we do not lose sight of His imminent return. Many things can make us forget it, worries, the routine of life, the pleasures, the passing of time. He solemnly warns us that He will return like a thief in the night. Our children may have questions, concerns, let’s talk with them, strengthen their faith, let us reassure them if necessary. The goal is not to scare them with the events of the end of the world but to encourage them to love the Lord with all their heart and to rejoice at his coming return.