2000 years ago, there were neither magazines nor news on TV? So how did people come to learn the news, the current events? Well! Quite simply, everyone was saying what they knew. So imagine! During the feast of the Passover, in addition to the inhabitants of the city, there are had thousands of pilgrims in Jerusalem. The news therefore spread at a great speed, especially the news of the last days, the crucifixion of Jesus. Everyone was talking about it. Some were happy, many were deep in sadness, others more indifferent. As for the disciples, many were discouraged, overwhelmed with sadness, in tears, desperate; yet there was a good reason for them to be happy. This is what we will find out now. You will find this story in the Gospel of Luke chapter 24. Question of the day: What did Jesus reproach his disciples?

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– And what about going to the countryside! Cleopas says to another disciple. Let’s go to the village of Emmaus. It’s barely twelve kilometers away! While walking, they are discussing. – I can’t understand why did Jesus let them treat him like that, why did He agree to endure all this suffering. I am devastated. I have lost more than a brother or a friend! – You remember … all those extraordinary days we spent with Him … all these miracles … and how the crowds listened to him by the lake. – And the children… when He took them in His arms and blessed them! – And the healing of the leper who threw himself to his feet! – Everyone wanted Him to become king and deliver us from the Romans. And now everything is finished. It’s terrible! I have lost all strength. – Did you hear what the women said this morning? It really amazes me this story! How is it possible? I cannot believe it. A man approaches. – You look very sad! He tells them. What are you discussing? – What! Don’t you know what has happened these last days? You are the only one! All Jerusalem knows! – Tell me what happened! – Haven’t you heard of Jesus of Nazareth? He was a great prophet. He made extraordinary miracles. His word was powerful and He was doing amazing things before God and before all the people. We followed him for months! We loved him. But they sentenced him to death. It’s awful and now it’s all over! – It is true that this morning, women went to the tomb to embalm Him, but the body was gone. They told us that an angel appeared to them. He told them that Jesus is alive. Two of our friends were there too. They saw that the tomb was empty. But it is all so incredible! – Oh! You didn’t understand much did you?! The man tells them. How slow you are to believe everything the prophets have long predicted. Did they not announce that the promised Savior had to suffer before returning to glory? This is what has just happened, what you have seen. Why don’t you believe? As he walks, he explains to them everything that is written about Jesus. They arrive in town. The man seems to want to continue on his way. – Stay with us! They tell him, it will soon be dark. We’re going to the hostel! Come and eat with us! They sit down to table. The man takes the bread and prays. – Father, I thank you! I thank you for the bread you give us. Then he breaks the bread and gives them a piece. At this time, the disciples recognize him. It’s Jesus! Suddenly the Lord disappears out of their sight. – He is alive! He is truly risen! They exclaim moved. Quickly! Let’s go back to Jerusalem, we will tell the others! The apostles and several disciples are gathered in a locked room because they are afraid that the religious leaders might come to arrest them. Our two friends knock on the door. – It’s us! Open! With enthusiasm, they explain what they have just experienced. – Jesus is truly risen! We saw him. He appeared to us! Suddenly, someone is there in their midst. But how did he get in? – Peace be with you! He tells them. Don’t be afraid, it’s me! They are scared. They think they are seeing a ghost. But He adds: – Why are you scared like that? Why do you think I’m a ghost? Look at my hands and at my feet. Can you see the mark of the nails, so admit that you are really seeing me! You can touch me. A ghost has no flesh or bones. But I, you see, I am there in the flesh. The disciples are overjoyed. Jesus is here! But they don’t realize it completely yet. They find it hard to believe it. – Do you have something to eat? He tells them. They give him a piece of grilled fish and a honey cake. Jesus takes it and eats before their eyes. Then He says to them: – All that has happened is what I told you when I was with you. It was necessary that I die and that I resuscitate. You have seen all these things and soon you will proclaim them to others. But first, I will send you what my Father has promised. In the meanwhile, stay in Jerusalem! The sadness, the anguish, they have gone. The disciples are now filled with an immense joy. This Easter Sunday evening, they believe it, Jesus is really risen! He is alive!

1, 2 3, 4 AND YOU AND ME! Are you ready to answer our question? He asks us what Jesus reproaches his disciples. He reproaches them for being slow to believe that He is risen. Yet the prophets had announced it, He Himself had warned them, the angels told the women, Mary Magdalene saw him near the tomb, Cleopas and his friend saw him on the way to Emmaus. But, they still doubt. So with patience and love, Jesus explains, he gives them proofs. In the following days, he will show himself again to others, as we will see in our next story. Why does he want to be seen by see so many people? What do you think? So that they may believe with all their heart that He has risen, that He is alive, but also so that, by their testimony, we believe it too, so that, YOU believe it.

4, 3, 2, 1 AND WE PARENTS! The resurrection of Jesus is a historical fact, just like his coming, his acts, and his teachings and yet, how many of our contemporaries remain in doubt. Nothing changes in their life. Children believe easily, they have a willing heart. So, let them know Jesus, nourish their faith with the stories of the gospel. It is important that they know and believe that Jesus loves them and that he is still alive today