35. Will Jesus answer him?

Imagine Arthur chatting with his father: – Yes, Daddy, give it to me, I need it! – Stop Arthur, can’t you see that I have too much work, how many times have you asked me? I told you “no!”, do not insist. But Arthur does insist. He wants his father to give him what he […]

15. Jésus… comment était-il quand il était enfant ?

Nous avons vu dans notre dernière histoire, que des mages sont venus d’un pays lointain pour adorer le petit enfant Jésus. Mais le roi d’Israël, un homme cruel a cherché à le faire mourir, alors Joseph et Marie ont fui en Egypte et pendant quelque temps ils ont habité dans ce pays étranger. Ils sont […]

1. Can we compare God to a sheperd ?

In this special “1, 2, 3 STORY TIME” series for children and parents, we tell stories from the Bible and focus upon important questions that each and everyone of us may ask.For example: What is God like?Can we know him? Can I talk to him? Does heaven exist? Who is Jesus? Today, our theme is: […]