In our previous issue, we talked about angels. Paul and Leah asked Françoise questions concerning those who have rebelled against God, Satan and the demons, and those who serve God. One day Jesus talked to the crowd that surrounded him. He told a little story, a parable and he revealed what happens in heaven, what neither you nor me can see or guess. He explained that at particular times God‘s angels rejoice, they are in great joy. But in your opinion, what may well trigger such joy in heaven? What may happen on earth? This is what we will find out now listening to the story of this woman who has lost something of great value. This is the parable Jesus narrated that day, you’ll find her in chapter 15 of Luke’s Gospel.

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A woman had ten pieces of silver. – I treasure these pieces, she often said, they have a great value to me. They were offered to me on my wedding day, it’s my greatest gift. They a magnificent. They shine; I often rub them so they do not lose their glitter. I have attached them to a chain, it makes a beautiful necklace. When there are festivals in the village, I wear it but I am very careful. One day … what a sad surprise! – Oh! Oh! But look! There are only nine left! But how is this possible? Yes! One is missing! There were ten all right the last time, I’m sure. I have lost one! She wastes no time. She looks around but sees nothing. – Well! I must find hit! I will light this small lamp, so I will see much better She begins a systematic search of the house. She looks on the table, on the seats; she examines pottery, vases, one after the other. – Really, I cannot see it! Maybe it is in a corner or under a carpet. Anyway I must find it at all costs She takes her broom and starts to thoroughly clean the floor. She shakes carpets, meticulously sweeps under all the furniture, hoping to see a small silvery shine, a flicker. A small tinkling makes her jump: – Here it is! Here it is! I found it! She exclaims. She picks it up and rubs it with a cloth. -There, my little coin, you are as glittering as ever. You shine like the others. So, Now, I can put you back in your place. You know, I was scared, I thought I would never find you. The coin thus resumes its rightful place on the necklace: – I’ll go and see my friends and all my neighbors. I’ll tell them what has just happened to me and how I found my coin which was lost, and all together we will to rejoice. And here she goes to her friends. – Oh! It’s amazing! They say. We are really happy for you. You do not couldn’t be at peace without finding this coin we rejoice with you because you had lost it and now you’ve found it. It is really wonderful! They celebrate all together. When Jesus finished the story of the lost coin, He added: – It is the same in heaven, there will be joy among the angels of God for a person who asks for forgiveness from God and who changes his life.

1, 2 3, 4 AND YOU AND ME! I find that Jesus teaches us a lot of things in this parable. Let’s see together! What do these valuable coins represent? They represent each human being, regardless of age, race. All men, all children are of immense value to God. How did the coin get lost? We don’t know but it’s easy for us to imagine this woman who searches and searches again, tirelessly; she moves everything, goes in the smallest dark corners, until she finds it. You see this is what God does with us. He seeks us because we live far from Him. It is as if we are lost for Him. We have all disobeyed Him in one way or another. Some even live without thinking of Him at all, without seeking to know Him, as if He did not exist. But he is looking for us because He wants to find us. What do you do when you find something you had lost for a long time, in the back of the closet for example? You remove the dust from it, you clean it. This is what Jesus does when we come to Him, when he finds us. We ask him to forgive us our disobedience, our shortcomings, our sins, our wickedness and He forgives us; it’s as if He was cleansing us of all our trash. He erases everything, He purifies us, and we start a new life with Him. And that’s when in heaven the angels rejoice. Whenever a child or an adult repents and changes his life, there is joy in heaven, the angels sing. Me, I did it several years ago, and you can do it too, alone or with your parents or someone you know who is willing to help you with this; and then, in heaven the angels of God will rejoice.

4, 3, 2, 1 AND WE PARENTS! Every human being without distinction is precious in the eyes of God but also in a situation of eternal perdition. That is why Jesus came. By dying on the cross, He took our condemnation and thus opened our access to heaven, to the presence of God. But it’s our freedom and also our responsibility to accept or not the salvation that He offers us for free. It’s up to everyone to make their own decision. Maybe your child does understand how much God loves him and wants to save him, so offer to accompany him in his process of repentance and faith. The angels of God will rejoice. Heaven will celebrate this saved child. If not, continue to pray tirelessly that his heart will open to the grace of God.