43. Walk in the day or at night

Imagine: It’s night; you have a walk in the forest on your own. You can take either a sandwich, either a compass or a torch? Which of these three items will you choose? The sandwich, compass or torch? It’s okay, did you make your choice? Okay! Me too! I take the torch; I do not […]

37. Live in the dark or in the light

The shows, the big games, the parades, you like it, when there is a lot of people, the noise, flashes of lights of all colors. Do you also like those times when you are with someone you particularly appreciate, your father, your mother, your sister? It feels good; it looks like time has stood still. […]

27. La persévérance, qu’est-ce que c’est ?

Lors de notre dernière émission, Franck a accueilli Paul et Léa. Te souviens-tu de ce que Léa nous a dit ? « Moi, je voudrais que, Dieu me réponde tout de suite !». Tu l’as peut être dit toi aussi. C’est vrai que Dieu ne répond pas toujours tout de suite, alors, qu’est-ce qu’on fait […]

26. Et toi… comment tu fais pour prier ?

Le Notre Père est la prière que Jésus a enseignée à ses disciples qui avaient bien compris que prier c’est important, mais qui ne savaient pas comment faire. Aujourd’hui, nous avons invité deux enfants dans le studio, nous les appellerons Léa et Paul. Pourquoi sont-ils venus ? Parce qu’ils ont des choses à nous dire […]

15. How Jesus was as a child?

In our last story, we saw that wise men came from a distant land to worship baby Jesus. But the King of Israel, a cruel man sought to put him to death, so Joseph and Mary fled to Egypt and for some time, lived in that foreign land. They then, returned to Nazareth and it […]

6. Do I count for God?

We saw in our previous talks that God created nature, animals and people. He is the origin of life. But… creation is a long way off for us; it happened… a few thousand years ago, and since then there have been children and children, who have become adults who have had children and children, and […]