Today we have two visitors, Paul and Lea. They have come before but they have some more questions to ask Françoise. They want to know more about the angels. Do they really exist? Can we see them? Should we be afraid of the devil? We will find out all this while listening to them now.

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– Françoise: Hello Lea! Good-morning Paul! – Lea: Hello! – Paul: Hello! – Françoise: I am happy to see you again today; we will provide some information to answer your questions. Let’s go! – Lea: In the Gospel, there is mention of angels but also of the devil and that scares me. I have seen images of the devil, it’s awful. – Paul: In a movie I saw, there were also demons. I have friends who say they exist and others say you shouldn’t believe in them. In any case, it gives me the creeps and in the evening, some images come back to my head and I can’t go to sleep. – Françoise: The devil exists and the angels too; there are the bad ones and the good ones. Do you know what the word “angels” mean? It means “messengers”, they are heavenly messengers, we can say servants of God. – Lea: Was it God who created them? – Françoise: Yes – Paul: So why did He create the devil? – Françoise: God created all of them perfect but he also created them free. They could choose, and one of them, the more magnificent, became very proud. He rebelled against God and he wanted to take his place. It is Satan, the devil, and other angels rallied around him during this rebellion, they are the demons. They are all enemies of God and of men. – Paul: so they are wicked – Françoise: Yes, very nasty. – Lea: Did God punish them? – Françoise: Yes! When they rebelled, God cast them out of heaven. – Lea: Is the devil everywhere? – Françoise: No, only God is present everywhere – Paul: What can these evil angels do? – Françoise: They can hide behind idols that are why God told us to worship Him alone. They can make people do bad deeds, and they can also cause some diseases – Paul: The Gospel speaks of possessed people, but what does it mean? – Françoise: It happens that demons come into the body of people who do not believe in Jesus. In the gospel we have accounts of people who were tormented, unhappy, and who were delivered by Jesus. He cast out the demons and they had a normal, peaceful life. – Lea: So, Jesus is stronger than the devil and the demons? – Françoise: Yes, He defeated the devil and his whole army. – Lea: Why do people say we must not do magic? – Françoise: Those who practice spiritualism, magic, witchcraft, who invoke spirits, make a pact with these evil spirits. – Paul: And how can we protect ourselves? It’s scary! – Françoise: First by moving away from everything we have just talked about: magic, spiritualism, witchcraft, and above all by accepting Jesus in our life. If Jesus is in us, the devil cannot come – Lea: That reassures me. – Paul: Are there many angels, those who are with God? – Françoise: There are myriads of myriads. – Lea: What does that mean: myriads? – Françoise: An innumerable quantity, a multitude; there are archangels, seraphims, cherubims; they are all at the service of God. – Lea: Are they in heaven? – Françoise: Yes, they live in the heavens, they see God, they obey and serve him. They the also give him praise. – Lea: Can we see them? – Paul: I don’t think so. – Françoise: They can become manifest in human form. – Paul: Do they do something on earth? – Françoise: Yes, God uses them to take care of His children, of those who believe in Him, they encourage them; they protect them, whether they are children or adults. By reading the Bible, you will find many passages where there is mention of interventions of the angels of God in favor of those who obey Him. – Lea: I have one last question, can I ask it? – Françoise: Yes, of course! – Lea: Can we pray to them, worship them? – Françoise: No, we pray and we adore God and Jesus but not the angels. And you, Paul, do you have a last question? – Paul: No, I can see things more clearly and I will tell you frankly, I prefer to be on God’s side – Françoise: You are absolutely right. So we will finish our exchange, thank you so much to both of you for coming and see you soon!

1, 2 3, 4 AND YOU AND ME! In the Bible, God gives us some information about evil spirits, it is as if He is lifting a veil over what we cannot see. But, He forbids us to seek to know more or have contact with this evil spiritual world. Why does he do that? It may sound very severe. But in your opinion, who knows better than Him what are the consequences? He warns us like your parents who warn you that there is danger in doing something. If you’ve seen evil pictures, movies, if you’ve listened to music who honor the devil, you can be confused, disturbed, anguished, angry. Apologize to Jesus and ask Him to give you His peace. Make the decision to move away from these practices and if others around you do it, get away from them, take a stand. Remember that in heaven there is a whole army of angels who are at the service of God to protect and take care of those who obey Him and especially children. Good luck and see you soon!

4, 3, 2, 1 AND WE PARENTS! Informing, warning, explaining, even prohibiting, it is our responsibility towards our children. We encourage them to walk in straight and honest paths and we warn them against potential dangers. We are not so naive as to believe that they will not meet people who will want to damage them, get them to walk with them in dark paths. Children are curious and spiritual things attract them; without that you knowing it, they can search for them; with internet, everything is easily accessible. Talk to them while respecting their age, do not to frighten them but to put teach them to watch out. And finally, read with them verse 10 of chapter 18 of the Gospel of Matthew