The shows, the big games, the parades, you like it, when there is a lot of people, the noise, flashes of lights of all colors. Do you also like those times when you are with someone you particularly appreciate, your father, your mother, your sister? It feels good; it looks like time has stood still. We are going to tell each other lots of things or maybe just a few words but we are relaxed, reassured. At that moment, we know that we are very important for the other as the He is important for us too, this is a special time. This is what Jesus did one day with a man who could see nothing. We are is going to tell you this story which you will find in the Gospel of Mark, chapter 8. Listen, something amazing is going to happen.

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Just imagine the life of this man who has always been in the dark, a bit like an endless night, or a house without windows, or a city without lights. How would you describe a nectar-gathering bee? How would you tell him that the mountain is covered with snow or that the sunset is reflecting in the calm waters of the lake? Red, green, blue… What does that mean to him? How can he avoid that rock or that hole in the way? The life of this man is very complicated, he can neither read, nor write, nor work. If he wants to move, He brings someone to guide him. In Bethsaida, where he was living, we have known him since he was little. He has been laughed at and spoken to brutally. Some are doing everything they can to help him, but no one can really change his life and restore his sight. That day, Jesus and his disciples arrived in Bethsaida. When we heard about the coming of Jesus, obviously, we think of this man. Some friends would go get him: – Come on, we will take you to Jesus. Everywhere he goes, he heals the sick, he performs unbelievable miracles, we will ask him to heal you, come on and we will go with you. The blind man has agreed, so here they are on their way. They are already imaging Jesus laying his hands down on him and heal him. While Jesus was arriving, they said: – Please Jesus, look at this man, he is blind. We brought him so that you can lay hands on him and heal him. Jesus hasn’t done anything. He has not answered, but he took the blind man by the hand and started to walk with him. People were surprised seeing them walking away. Some may have whispered: – But why didn’t Jesus answer their prayer? Why didn’t he heal this man? He usually doesn’t do it like that! They walked a long way together, Jesus leading the blind man. Did they talk during this trip? Did Jesus have something to tell him? Did the blind man have any questions? Did he need to see clearer in his heart, in his thoughts? Did he feel uncomfortable among the others? He who was often despised? The story does not tell us, but this man lived a very special moment. Jesus left everyone else in order to take care of him alone and that is deeply touching. He didn’t know where he was going to, but whatever, Jesus was holding his hand. Now that they are outside the village, Jesus is stopping. He is wetting his fingers with saliva and put his fingers on the blind’s eyes. He is laying hands on him. Then he said: – Can you see anything? The man was carefully looking around: – Yes, I am seeing men but I’m seeing them as walking trees. Jesus is putting his hands again on his eyes: – And now? The man is staring at him: – Yes! This time I can see perfectly! He could clearly see everything that was surrounding him, the stones on the path, the trees, the flowers, his hands, his clothing but also the fields far away, the birds, the colors. He also discovered the face full of kindness of the one who has just performed this great miracle toward him. He now understands his life has completely changed, it will never be the same again; he is came out from the night and now he’s in the light. The light around him but also in his heart. This man who has just opened his eyes, isn’t he the one sent by God?

1, 2 3, 4 AND YOU AND ME! Maybe one day you will be amazed too and you will not understand what Jesus is doing, or what he’s not doing as you would like. So, remember this story, it will encourage you to keep trusting him. You and I, we do not know everything. We do not see beyond the tip of our nose. But He knows everything, nothing is hidden from him, he can guide us. I encourage you to take a little moment every day to talk to him, to pray and thank him, but also to listen to what he tells you in your heart, he will watch over you. Personally, I really enjoy those times when I’m all alone with him. What about you?

4, 3, 2, 1 AND WE PARENTS! Like this blind man, you may have been healed by Jesus, not instantly but gradually. God’s actions are very diverse, which reminds us of his sovereignty. Whether instantly or gradually, it is always a great encouragement to us and those around us when we see the power of God manifesting in our body. And what a great miracle as well, when the light of the Gospel comes and guide our hearts; that’s all our life and our family’s which are illuminated. We can encourage our children to have their personal moment of prayer with Jesus; therefore, they will get to know him.