25. How should we pray ?

Today we are going to talk about prayer. Have you ever seen people pray? Some pray often, while others never pray. But, what is « praying »? It is talking to God; a little like when you phone a friend. You can’t see him but you know that he can hear you.Recently a child told me: – […]

26. And you … How do you want to pray ?

Our Father is the prayer that Jesus taught his disciples who understood that praying is important, but who didn’t know how to do.Today we have invited two children to the studio, we will call them Lea and Paul. Why did they come? Because they have things to tell us about prayer and they also have […]

27. What is perseverance ?

During our last program, Franck welcomed Paul and Léa. Do you remember what Lea told us? “I would like God to answer me right away”. You may say it too? It’s true that God doesn’t always respond right away so … what do we do? Do we stop praying? Do we get discouraged? It can […]

28. Have they forgotten Jesus ?

“In life, there are… the good times and the bad ones!”Do you know that? I prefer the good ones but I have had some difficult times. Do you know this expression « the storms of life »? Ah! The storms of life are something other than the little worries! We are talking about really very difficult very […]