Lately, Yanis’ parents met his teacher. – Yanis has made good progress, he told them, but this term he is becoming lax about his work, he needs to resume his efforts! Do you understand what that means? It started well, but there are friends, games, mockery, screens and the results of his work that have not been as good as he thought. In short, lots of things that gradually leads him to working less. He relaxed too much, a little discouraged. It’s time for him to pull himself together. Warnings and encouragement from his parents and teachers will help him get back on his feet: – If he perseveres in his work, he will make it, the teacher adds. “Persevere even if the results are not yet there” is what Jesus once said to his disciples. – Persevere in prayer and do not be discouraged when God does not answer right now. We will listen to the parable He told them and at the end you can answer my question: Why is it important to persevere in prayer? It is in chapter 18 of the Gospel of Luke that you will find this parable of the persevering woman.

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The disciples are gathered around Jesus who tells them a parable: “A woman dressed in black knocks on the door of a large, beautiful house. Knock Knock knock… – Open up, Judge! Open to me, please! Nothing moves … The woman continues: – Open up! I know you are there! After a long time, the door opens and a man appears. His jaws are clenched, he is frowning, he visibly very angry. – You again! It’s at least the tenth time that you have been disturbing me! – I’m sorry, Your Honor; I really must speak to you! – I have no time to waste with you. Go away! He’s already about to close the door, but she insists: – Your Honor, these people have been causing me harm for a year. They take advantage of the situation because I am a widow and I have no one to defend me, you know that well. The judge shrugs his shoulders. – You are the judge. So do me justice! I only claim that my right, nothing else! He is more and more annoyed and impatient to see her go: – I’ll think about it! – It’s always what you say and you never do anything. – Yes, yes, I’ll think about it, but go away now, I’m busy. Go on! Go away! He slams the door in her face. On the way home, she meets a friend. – So how did it go? – As usual! This man really has no heart; yet he knows very well that I am a widow and have no money. He refuses to do me justice when people take away from me what little I have. – It’s a shame! This man doesn’t care what people think. He doesn’t fear God yet one day he will have to be held to answer for his behavior. What are you going to do now? – I will go back as many times as I need to! Meanwhile, the judge tries to calm down: – She is really annoying, this woman! She got me into one of those rages! If she comes back I will throw her out! … He mutters. He sits down in his chair and thinks for a long time: – Oh! But there is something better to do, he says to himself, I’m going to look at her case and she will no longer come and pester me! This is the best way to finally get rid of her! Otherwise, she is well capable of coming back every week! A few days later, the widow returns to the judge… – Come in, I will examine your case, we will bring it to a satisfying conclusion and your rights will be recognized. I ‘m signing your document now! Jesus looks at his disciples and says to them: – Do you understand what this story means? If a judge, mean and unjust as he is, has finally responded to this woman’s request, it was because she persevered; then all the more so will God, your Father who is in heaven, who is fair and good answer the prayers of his unhappy children who cry out to Him, night and day? Even if he doesn’t do it straight away? How could He not rescue them? I tell you that He will answer them. He will do them justice if they have faith in him. Pray and do not give up

1, 2 3, 4 AND YOU AND ME! It can happen that we pray and God does not answer right away. Maybe it happened to you? So we can get discouraged and stop praying. But in this parable, Jesus encourages us to continue, to persevere. Why? Well, that’s the question that Benji asked us: – Why is it important to persevere in prayer? Because our Father who is in heaven is righteous and good. He hears our prayers, our cries, our supplications. He always responds. He takes care of us all the time, but He knows when and how He will do it. He takes into account what’s best for us, for you like for me. He can say “Yes!”, “No!” or “Wait!”, these are answers. I therefore encourage you to continue to pray with perseverance and confidence like Jesus tells us to.

4, 3, 2, 1 AND WE PARENTS! Most children are spontaneous and enthusiastic. They like things to change quickly and they often lack patience. They live in the moment. Just press a button and presto, here is the answer, but with God it is not the same. He does not necessarily answer “first go”! If nothing happens quickly, they can be disappointed. It is therefore important to remind them that God is always attentive to their prayers, that he loves them and that he will give them the best answer at the right time.