41. Silliness, clumsiness, temptation or sin?

Do you know the difference between silliness, clumsiness, temptation, and sin? Do you find your way through all of this? It’s not always very easy, so I suggest you listen to Françoise who will now bring us food for thoughts by answering Paul and Leah’s questions. Visit also our French YouTube channel This show has […]

54. Praying without getting discouraged

Lately, Yanis’ parents met his teacher. – Yanis has made good progress, he told them, but this term he is becoming lax about his work, he needs to resume his efforts! Do you understand what that means? It started well, but there are friends, games, mockery, screens and the results of his work that have […]

54. Prier sans se décourager

Dernièrement, les parents de Yanis ont rencontré son professeur. – Yanis a bien progressé, leur a-t-il dit, mais ce trimestre, il s’est relâché, il faut qu’il se ressaisisse ! Tu comprends ce que cela veut dire ? Il a bien commencé, mais il y a les copains, les jeux, les moqueries, les écrans et les […]