80. What is heaven, God’s home, like?

Lucas and Mia’s dad has just returned from a great trip. – What was it like? Said Lucas – It was beautiful, replies the dad. – Tell us what you saw? Mia says impatiently. Tell me, come on! Tell us! – It’s not easy because it’s completely different from what you know but I’m going […]

62. A triumphal arrival

Have you seen any reports on the coronation of a king, or the visit of a head of state, of a president? The crowds come to cheer him. Journalists surround him. He arrives in a coach or a beautiful car, the red carpet is rolled out before him. He will make a speech and will […]

54. Praying without getting discouraged

Lately, Yanis’ parents met his teacher. – Yanis has made good progress, he told them, but this term he is becoming lax about his work, he needs to resume his efforts! Do you understand what that means? It started well, but there are friends, games, mockery, screens and the results of his work that have […]

50. Mary wants to listen to Jesus

Lately disturbing things have taken place in Noa and Alicia’s middle school. They have decided to tell their parents about it. – Dad is home, so much the better! Said Noa to himself, we’re going to be able to tell him, I would like to know what he thinks about it. But before they had […]

48. The angels are in joy, why?

In our previous issue, we talked about angels. Paul and Leah asked Françoise questions concerning those who have rebelled against God, Satan and the demons, and those who serve God. One day Jesus talked to the crowd that surrounded him. He told a little story, a parable and he revealed what happens in heaven, what […]

54. Prier sans se décourager

Dernièrement, les parents de Yanis ont rencontré son professeur. – Yanis a bien progressé, leur a-t-il dit, mais ce trimestre, il s’est relâché, il faut qu’il se ressaisisse ! Tu comprends ce que cela veut dire ? Il a bien commencé, mais il y a les copains, les jeux, les moqueries, les écrans et les […]

46. Who will participate in this great party?

You certainly have friends and you like to be them. You invite them for your birthday; you want them all to be there on “D” day. There will also be your parents, your brothers and sisters, grandpas and grannies, well… everyone you love. Your mom bakes cakes, prepares drinks, you decorate the house and you […]

50. Marie veut écouter Jésus

Dernièrement, des choses inquiétantes ont eu lieu dans le collège de Noa et Alicia. Ils ont décidé d’en parler à leurs parents. – Papa est rentré, tant mieux ! se disait Noa, on va pouvoir lui dire, je voudrais savoir ce qu’il en pense. Mais avant qu’ils n’aient eu le temps d’ouvrir la bouche – […]

36. Qui a amené un homme infirme à Jésus ?

L’autre jour, j’ai vu deux enfants qui discutaient. – C’est trop dommage ! dit le premier, je ne savais pas ! Pourquoi tu ne me l’as pas dit ? Moi, aussi je serais venu, tu aurais dû venir me chercher. Pourquoi tu ne m’as pas pris avec toi ? Tu pouvais bien m’amener le voir […]

36. Who brought a disabled man to Jesus?

The other day, I saw two children talking: – It’s too bad! said the first, I did not know! Why didn’t you tell me? I would have come too, you should have come get me. Why didn’t you take me with you? Couldn’t you take me to see him? – But, I didn’t think about […]