Imagine: It’s night; you have a walk in the forest on your own. You can take either a sandwich, either a compass or a torch? Which of these three items will you choose? The sandwich, compass or torch? It’s okay, did you make your choice? Okay! Me too! I take the torch; I do not want to be like a blind man; I want to see where I’m going and not take the wrong path. I need light. One day someone said: – I am the light of the world! Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness but he will understand how to behave in life, he will have the light that gives life. Do you know who said that? It’s Jesus! He is the light of the world. But, do you understand what he means? Now let’s hear the story that you will find at chapter 9 of the Gospel of John. Open up your ears!

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In the streets of Jerusalem, there’s a lot of movement back and forth. Jesus and his disciples circulate in the middle of the crowd. They see a man sitting on the ground, a beggar. He was born blind. This man has never seen the light, or what surrounds him. All is black; he has always lived in darkness. Days, nights, everything is the same: – Lord, ask the disciples, why was he born blind? Did he commit a sin? Did his parents sin? – It is not because of sin, Jesus answers, but it is so that everyone can see what God is able to do. I am the light of the world. Jesus spits on the ground, then he bends down, and with his fingers he mixes his saliva with the dust, he makes mud, he takes some then approaches the blind man and applies it to his eyes: – Now go to Siloam and wash yourself with the water from the reservoir! He said to him. Without asking any questions, the blind man obeyed, groping his way to Siloam. He takes water in his hands and washes his face to remove the mud. While he is straightening up, the light dazzles him! He can see! For the first time in his life, he is not in darkness. He discovers everything that surrounds him. He sees perfectly! It’s a miracle! God has he come near him? He quickly understands that his life will not be the same, everything lights up, now he will live in the light! With a decided step, he sets out happily and goes find his family. As they see him walking in front of them, people are surprised: – But, but … but isn’t it the blind man! – Yeah, it seems to be him, he was still sitting there begging. – Yes, yes, it is him! I recognize him! – No, come on, it can’t be him! – Anyway, if it’s not him, it’s someone who looks like him! – Yes, but yes it’s me, it’s me! he said to them. – But, how is it possible that you see now? – Tell us what happened! – Well, the man we call Jesus made a little mud, rubbed my eyes with it, then he said to me, “Go to Siloam and wash yourself”. I went there, I washed up and suddenly I saw clearly. – And where is this Jesus? – I don’t know, he answers them. Some men are unhappy; they bring him before the religious, the Pharisees who question him: – This individual, this Jesus, they say, he does not respect our religion; he made mud knowing however that today is the Sabbath. Everyone knows that it is forbidden to work during the day of the Sabbath. This Jesus cannot come from God! – But still, say others, how could a simple man accomplish such miracles? They argue. – Come on, you, they ask the blind man, what do you say about this Jesus? – To perform such a miracle, it is surely a prophet, a messenger of God, he answers. His parents are summoned to come: – Is that your son? Was he really born blind? How can he see clearly now? – He is indeed our son, they say, and he was indeed born blind, but how he was healed, ask him, he’s old enough to answer! The Pharisees are more and more angry; even in front of this miracle, they do not want to admit that Jesus is from God. They question the blind man again: – Since the world has existed, he told them, we have never heard that anyone has healed a blind man from birth. If this man who healed me was not from God, he couldn’t have done anything. They curse him and kick him out. Jesus learns it. He goes to find him and asks him: – Do you believe in the promised savior who is to come? – Who is this savior so that I believe in him? – It’s me! Jesus said to him. – I believe that you come from God, I believe in you, said the man, bowing down before Jesus and worshiping him.

1, 2 3, 4 AND YOU AND ME! When someone explains something to us, and we understand, we often say: – Yes, I see what you mean. Of course, it is not our eyes that see, that are illuminated, but our intelligence. This is exactly what happened to this blind man. Once healed, he sees clearly, he knows where he is going, he sees the path in front of him, and he knows where he is going. He sees with his eyes but he also sees with his heart; his intelligence is enlightened. He understands that Jesus is really the promised savior, the Son of God. And for you, who is Jesus? I suggest you think about it.

4, 3, 2, 1 AND WE PARENTS! When our baby is born, he cannot see clearly, but his sight improves quickly, he sees the light and makes out the faces of his parents. The vision that our children have of Jesus, the light of the world, will become clearer over time. As they hear the Word of God. Encourage them to read the stories of the gospel, to pray alone and with you.