02. How did the universe come into being?

In our first story, we followed David leading his flock of sheep by the lush pastures and clear stream water, carrying the lambs, tending to those who were wounded and searching the ravines for the lost sheep. His voice echoed in the mountains, and he sang: “O God, You are my shepherd, I am your […]

80.  Le ciel, la demeure de Dieu, c’est comment ?

Le papa de Lucas et de Mia revient d’un beau voyage. − C’était comment ? dit Lucas − C’était magnifique, répond le papa. − Dis-nous ce que tu as vu ? dit Mia impatiente. Raconte, allez ! raconte-nous ! − Ce n’est pas facile car c’est complètement différent de ce que vous connaissez mais je […]

80. What is heaven, God’s home, like?

Lucas and Mia’s dad has just returned from a great trip. – What was it like? Said Lucas – It was beautiful, replies the dad. – Tell us what you saw? Mia says impatiently. Tell me, come on! Tell us! – It’s not easy because it’s completely different from what you know but I’m going […]