In our first story, we followed David leading his flock of sheep by the lush pastures and clear stream water, carrying the lambs, tending to those who were wounded and searching the ravines for the lost sheep. His voice echoed in the mountains, and he sang: “O God, You are my shepherd, I am your sheep, I want to follow you” and the echo repeated: “O God, You are my shepherd, I am your sheep, I want to follow you”. He compares God to a good Shepherd, but there is much more that can be said about God. Maybe you have an idea … or ideas? As we go through our broadcasts, we will discover together who God is and what He accomplishes. Today, we are going to go back a long way in time, before anything existed, and we will see how, little by little, everything changed. At the end of the story you will be able to answer the question: which appeared first : plants or the stars?

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When you enter a room which is in complete darkness and in which everything is a mess, what is the first thing that you do? Yes! You turn on the light. Phew! Now we can see clearly and we will be able to put things in order. In the beginning nothing existed, it was absolute chaos and total disorder. It’s hard to imagine, isn’t it? So, God said: – Let there be light!” And the light appeared. God separated the light from this great darkness. Do you know the name that He gave to the light? He called it “Day” and the darkness “Night”. It was the 1st day of creation. On the 2nd day, God continued to tidy up all this chaos. There was water everywhere. God said: – Let the waters part! There was water below on the earth and water above in the clouds. He gave the name of “heaven” to the expanse which is above the earth. This mass of water covered all the earth, so on the 3rd day God ordered it to come together in one place and ordered dryness to appear. Do you know the name that He gave to this whole body of water? Well yes, he called it “sea” and the rest was called “dry land”. To sum up, there was light, earth and water, in fact, there was everything that plants need to grow. But, there were no plants or seed, there was nothing! If you want to grow tomatoes in your garden, you need soil, light, water, but also tomato seeds. So, God said: – Let the earth produce greenery, plants producing their seed and trees, each variety of which bears fruit after its kind with their seeds or their stones. All kinds of plants have appeared, and since that day…. seeds, pips and kernels which produce new, identical plants. It has been this way for centuries; lemon seeds produce lemon trees, peach stones continue to produce peach trees and lettuce seeds produce lettuce. So, there have been hundreds and thousands of plants, trees, and all kinds of plants on earth, in an infinite variety. There was an explosion of shapes, color and scents. God looked at it all, and saw that it was all good. On the 4th day, God said: – Let there be lights in the expanse of heaven, the greater to rule the day and the smaller to rule the night! So, now you can understand that during the period called “day”, He created the sun and the moon. He placed all the stars and all the galaxies in the expanse of the sky. He threw the stars into the firmament. The sky sparkled with all these luminous elements. God looked at it all and saw how good it was, but this work of creation was not yet finished. So, in our next show, we will focus on just how God is going to accomplish His plan and how animal life will come into being.

1, 2 3, 4 AND YOU AND ME! When God looked at all He had created, He said that “everything was good”! When we observe all the wonders of nature, it is as if God was speaking to us, and as if He was telling us: -You see all this, it is I who created it to show you how great and powerful I am. I often say to Him: – My God, how great and powerful you are, everything around me is beautiful, I thank you with all my heart”. You, too, can do say thank you to God! You will find our story in the first book of the Bible, Genesis, in the first chapter. Did you manage to answer the question we asked: Which appeared first, plants or the stars? The answer is plants; the stars appeared on the 4th day.

4, 3, 2, 1 AND WE PARENTS! All of nature speaks to us of a God who is a Creator. It is the very manifestation of God’s glory and majesty before our eyes every day. We are very much aware of the fact and at any time, we can express our wonder and our gratitude to this Almighty God. How do our children react to the wonders of nature and of space? Take time to admire a sunset with them, take time to look at the vegetables in the garden… These are just some of the many opportunities that we have to make them aware of the beauty of nature. When they hear us thanking God and praising Him for all of these wonders, then they will learn how to do it and will want to do it for themselves.