35. Will Jesus answer him?

Imagine Arthur chatting with his father: – Yes, Daddy, give it to me, I need it! – Stop Arthur, can’t you see that I have too much work, how many times have you asked me? I told you “no!”, do not insist. But Arthur does insist. He wants his father to give him what he […]

34. Comment atteindre le but quand on a très peur ?

Si je te dis P. E. U. R., ça te dit quelque chose ? Oui, PEUR ! La peur, la panique, tu connais ? Tu as certainement déjà eu peur ? Et quelque fois parce qu’on a peur on ne peut pas faire ce que l’on voudrait faire. On ne peut plus avancer. On ne […]

31. How can you build your life well?

Today we are going to talk about construction. Construction of what? A bridge, a plane? No, not really. A construction that concerns us all and must be successful. Do you have an idea? Yes, the construction of our life. It may seem a bit complicated but to help you to see more clearly, we will […]

31. Jésus serait-il un architecte ?

Aujourd’hui, nous allons parler de construction. Construction de quoi ? De pont, d’avion ? Non, pas vraiment. Il s’agit d’une construction qui nous concerne tous et qui doit être réussie. As-tu une idée ? Oui, la construction de notre vie. Cela peut paraître un peu compliqué mais pour nous aider à y voir plus clair, […]

26. And you… how do you do to pray?

  Our Father is the prayer that Jesus taught his disciples who understood that praying is important, but who didn’t know how to do. Today we have invited two children to the studio, we will call them Lea and Paul. Why did they come? Because they have things to tell us about prayer and they […]

6. Do I count for God?

We saw in our previous talks that God created nature, animals and people. He is the origin of life. But… creation is a long way off for us; it happened… a few thousand years ago, and since then there have been children and children, who have become adults who have had children and children, and […]

2. How did the universe come into being?

In our first story, we followed David leading his flock of sheep by the lush pastures and clear stream water, carrying the lambs, tending to those who were wounded and searching the ravines for the lost sheep. His voice echoed in the mountains, and he sang: “O God, You are my shepherd, I am your […]