We saw in our previous talks that God created nature, animals and people. He is the origin of life. But… creation is a long way off for us; it happened… a few thousand years ago, and since then there have been children and children, who have become adults who have had children and children, and this is how now on the land there are… let’s see, how many inhabitants are there? Yes, over 7 billion… uh! 7 billion is a 7 with how many zeros behind? Yes, there are 9 zeros behind the 7. And you? And me? What are we in these 7 billion, a very small, small, small grain of sand … This leads me to ask myself a question: – Can God be interested in you, in me do I matter to him? Let’s see some answers to these questions.

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Before answering this question, I’ll tell you about Kevin. He has just finished assembling his spaceship; it worked on it for several days following the assembly plan carefully. And, here it is, he succeeded! He is really very happy and proud of himself. – Well done! Impeccable! Very good! His parents and friends told him. This is the first time he has assembled such a complex ship. He puts it on a shelf; no way will his little brother touch it. This is his ship! He cares a lot about it; it is very valuable to him. And us? Do we have value for God, he who gave us life? He gave us a body. It’s easy to understand, our body, you can see it, but it also gave us a soul and a spirit. Your body is a real wonder. You can talk, sing, see, hear, taste, do acrobatics, rock climbing, swim and more. We can thank God for our body. Our soul, our spirit, we do not see them. But, when you cry because someone spoke badly to you, when you laugh because your girlfriend made a funny face, or when you are worried because your father is sick, when you are happy, or when you are afraid, what’s going on? Well, it’s you, your person; it’s your soul that reacts. When you walk into the kitchen and smell, um, your favorite food. Oh dear ! You want to eat it so much! You are already rejoicing and even saliva comes into your mouth. Your soul reacts to the good smell that your nose has detected You like music? The sounds you hear trigger joy or sadness, the urge to move, jump, dance. It is your soul that reacts. We also have feelings. You can love, be angry, jealous, feel pleasure or disgust. God also gave us intelligence. You can learn, memorize, imagine, build, invent, be creative. You can think, reflect, reason; you can also decide, choose, make projects: – When I grow up I will be a driver of large machines. – And I will be a cook! – I will be an educator. – I’ll be a pianist. – I would like to have children! You know how to say “yes! that is good” or “no! that is wrong”. All of this shows that our body, soul and spirit are one. A beautiful human being, a child, you! And, you are unique. A brother or sister may be like you, but they won’t be exactly like you. God made us this way, in His own image. He gave us life. Do you think He’ll then leave us without taking care of us? No! If Kevin’s ship has value in its own eyes, then know that we have so much more value for God. We really matter to Him. You are valuable in His sight.

1, 2 3, 4 AND YOU AND ME! One may wonder how God manages to deal with all humans on earth at the same time. I cannot explain it. But he does it because he is God and loves his creatures. The life of every human being is precious to him. And you … does your life have a price in your eyes? I encourage you to look at it as God sees it even if everything is not exactly the way you want it to be, your nose too long for your taste, your calves not muscular enough, the memory that does not work as you want it to, your character can be difficult. What if you made the list of everything that is working well about your body and your soul and the list of everything you think is disfunctioning, and you would see how wonderful a creature you are. You have something to rejoice in and thank God for.

4, 3, 2, 1 AND WE PARENTS! How do we see our children? Do they know it? They are subjected to great pressure and mockery about their body, their abilities, their successes or so-called failures. The demands are strong on all levels, physical, intellectual, psychological, so let’s help them in a balanced living environment. Let us remind them often that we love them and that God loves them, that their life is important to God. Let us encourage them, awaken them to the wonders of life, so that they continue to love themselves and simply enjoy all that God gives them each day.