77. The apostle Paul, who was he?

We have often spoken of the apostles, Matthew, Peter, John, James, but there is one we’ve never talked about. It is the apostle Paul. Do you know his story? Do you know how he became an apostle of Jesus? This is what we are going to tell you. Paul is his name in Latin, but […]

68. Why does he not defend himself ?

Listen to what happened to Yoan. – It’s not me, Dad! I assure you it’s not my fault! It’s not me! – I was told it’s you, you will be punished! – It’s not true. I’m telling you it’s not me! It’s not fair! Yoan is very angry. They are accusing him falsely. He defended […]

68. Pourquoi ne se défend-il pas ?

Ecoute ce qui est arrivé à Yoan. – C’est pas moi, Papa ! Je t’assure que c’est pas de ma faute ! C’est pas moi ! – On m’a dit que c’est toi, tu seras puni ! – C’est pas vrai. Je te dis que c’est pas moi ! C’est pas juste ! Yoan est […]