Andrew, Peter, Philip, Nathanael… that means something to you. Yes! These are the first four disciples of Jesus. In our last talk we saw how they met Jesus and how immediately they wanted to follow him. John the Baptist had told them: – Look, he is the Lamb of God, the promised savior. But for most people, the people of Nazareth for example, who was Jesus? Now, he was just the son of Mary and Joseph the carpenter. Jesus will begin to make known who He really is. How is He going to do it? Well, that’s what Celine is going to tell us now. We are going to attend a big party that almost went wrong. At the end of the story you will be able to answer the question: What is a miracle?

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In recent days, there has been a lot of coming and going in Cana. Cana … is a village seven or eight kilometers from Nazareth, the city where Jesus grew up. Everyone is very busy. Moms roast chickens, lamb legs, and fish. They prepare all kinds of vegetables. The kitchens smell the smell of good food and pastry. The baskets are overflowing with grapes, dates, oranges, figs, and the dishes are full of cakes with honey, raisins, almonds, and of course, the water and wine are provided. The tables are beautifully decorated with flowers. The meal planner is responsible for making sure nothing is missing. They want to welcome the family, neighbors and friends of the bride and groom with dignity. And yes! It’s a wedding. Mary, the mother of Jesus is invited, Jesus and his disciples too. So many people! It’s a really successful wedding. The party has been going on for several days, there is music, songs. The children are having fun, the bride and groom are happy, everyone is happy. But behind the scenes, it’s panic. The servants don’t know what to do anymore. – There is no more wine and the wedding is not over! What will the guests think! What a shame for us and for the groom if we give them water to drink. They are looking for a solution but there is none. They talk to Marie about it, she is very sorry but she can’t do anything. However, she approaches Jesus and says to him: – Jesus, they have no more wine, please do something. – But now is not the time! Jesus answers her. She goes to the servants and says to them: – Do whatever Jesus tells you! Jesus looks; there are six amphorae there that are empty. They are huge vases. – Fill those amphorae with water! said Jesus. The servants obey; they fill the six large vases with water. – Now, he tells them, take some of that water and take it to the meal planner for him to taste! They do exactly what Jesus tells them. They take some water and take it to the meal planner. The meal planner tastes, but, it’s not water, it’s wine… it’s excellent, better than the one they had drunk before. He doesn’t know what has happened. But where does this good wine come from? Had the groom hid it somewhere? – Usually, he says to the groom, we serve the good wine at the start of the meal and we save the regular wine for the end, but you, on the contrary, you have saved the best wine for the end! The disciples and the servants who drew the water know what has happened; they are witnesses of the miracle that Jesus has just performed. He has turned water into wine. This is Jesus’ first miracle.

1, 2 3, 4 ET TOI ET MOI ! Changing water into wine? Who can do this? No man, you agree with me. The disciples understood that they had just witnessed witness a miracle. So what is a miracle? Well, this is an amazing fact that cannot be explained, that requires intervention from God. Do you remember that Jesus said to Nathanael: “You will see great things”? On the day of this wedding we can say that they saw something great, glorious. This is the first miracle that Jesus did, but the disciples will see many more. Miracles that demonstrate the power of Jesus over nature but also miracles in the lives of people and children. Besides, in our next story, we’ll see what He’s going to do for a sick young boy. But why do you think Jesus did all these miracles? Yes, He wants to show that He is Almighty and that He loves men, women, and also children. So you too!

4, 3, 2, 1 AND WE PARENTS! Even today, Jesus has all power over nature. He can change situations, the natural course of things, evil for good, anxiety into peace. In a sad and broken heart, a bland and tasteless life, He can work a miracle: bring his peace and his joy, true joy. At the end of the account of the wedding at Cana, the apostle John wrote that Jesus manifested his glory and that his disciples believed in Him. And do you believe in Him? You can read this account again with your children at the beginning of the 2nd chapter of the Gospel of John. I wish you happy reading with your family!