In our talks, we talk about the exciting stories of the Bible, of God, of the beginning of the universe. We saw how the world started, how God created the universe and the plants. Now that there is earth, air, water and all kinds of plants, everything is ready but… ready… for whom and for what? So what is God’s plan, what is his aim, what is he going to do now? We will find out now and at the end of the story you can answer this question: Which animal did God create first: the elephant, the parrot or the dolphin?

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In four days, God created light, the expanse of the sky, the sea, the dry land, all the vegetation, and all the lights, Saturn, Mars but also the sun and the moon. Why these stars? To mark the time, days and years, so you know what year you were born and what day we are. Everything was still silent, not a sound, not a cry, there were no living beings yet but everything was ready to welcome life. God spoke, he said: – Let the waters swarm with a multitude of living beings and let birds fly in the sky! Thus appeared the great sea monsters, the blue whale, the sea lion, the shark, the carp, the sea lion and all the species of animals that sneak and swim in the water, the sea snake. sea, crab, jellyfish and sponges. They were of all colors, some with strange and funny shapes, even the clownfish and the pajama fish, the rabbit fish and flying fish! And in the sky what happened? Birds began to flutter, hop, run, fly on all sides. The little hummingbird, the parrot, the flamingo, the ostrich, the imperial eagle and the gendarme weaver. The silence gave way to the rooster’s cocoricos, to the cackling of the duck, to the harmonious songs of the nightingale but also to the cry of the seagull and the squawking of the sparrows! What animation in the sea and on land. Life was there. God looked and he rejoiced seeing all these wonders. He blessed all of these animals. He spoke to them. Do you know what he told them? – Reproduce yourself! Make children, become numerous, fill the water of seas, rivers and you birds multiply! It was the 5th day. There was now a lot of commotion in the seas and in the sky but… let’s see what is happening on earth… well! Nothing! Nothing that jumps, that crawls, that runs, that gallops, only a whole beautiful colorful and fragrant vegetation. So on the 6th day God spoke, He said: – Let the earth bring forth living animals after their kind, cattle after their kind, and all the reptiles of the earth after their kind. And on earth all kinds of animals appeared. Zebras began to gallop through the fresh grasses with the elegant gazelles, the majestic lions and the sheep. Mischievous marmosets were climbing trees and snails slowly creeping over fresh leaves, finally… thousands and thousands of species of animals appeared. Even today we do not know them all. But, you can list everyone you know. At the bottom of the page, you can write: “God created them all”. All these animals lived without fighting or devouring each other. Do you know why? Because God gave them the grass, the plants for food. All of nature was at peace. At the end of the 6th day, there were therefore living beings in the water, in the sky and on the earth. God looked at all of his creation; he saw that everything was good, perfect.

1, 2 3, 4 AND YOU AND ME! When I think of all this creation, I say to myself: – God is really great. What power and what wisdom! Everything belongs to him and us, what do we do with it? I believe that he created everything, that he gave life to everything around us. And you? Do you believe it? Do you thank Him? I do it often. I regret one thing: that all this beautiful nature is now so damaged polluted. But, I do what I can to take care of it. And you, do you think about it too? You can find the creation story in the first book of the Bible, the book of Genesis in chapter one. Did you answer the question which animal God created first: elephant, parrot, or dolphin? The dolphin was created first, then the parrot and last the elephant

4, 3, 2, 1 AND WE PARENTS! To induce rejoicing, marveling at the beauties of creation and more particularly of animals, I suggest that you choose an animal with your child and do research, drawings, watch a documentary, watch the ants in the garden or the spider that weaves its web. The more we go into detail, the greater our wonder. Astonishment is a hallmark of childhood, but we too continue to marvel and praise God for his creation.