In our programs “1, 2, 3 STORY TIME”, we provide answers to the big questions you may ask yourself: How did the world begin? What is the origin of life? How did animals appear on earth? Who am I? How to know God? Today we will see where the first men came from? From a fish, a monkey, an atom, or…? We will also talk about marriage. At the end of the story, you will be able to answer this question: – What were Adam and Eve like?

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After creating the earth, the sky and all the animals, God looked and he said: – Everything is very good! But his masterpiece was not yet finished. All this nature formed a sort of beautifully colored and fragrant palace where nothing was missing but … for whom? There was nobody. God took dust from the earth and with that earth he made a human being with legs, arms, head, organs, muscles, brain. He made a magnificent being who did not move. His heart had yet to start to beat, his blood to circulate, and his lungs to fill with air. God breathed into his nostrils a breath, the breath of life and this inanimate being then became a living being quite similar to you and me. He had a body, he could run, touch, taste, see, hear and speak; he also had a soul and a mind to think, to reflect, to love, to choose and to decide. God had created a very intelligent being, superior to all animals. He placed this man in a beautiful garden filled with trees of all kinds pleasant to see and covered with fruit good to eat. He asked him to cultivate it and keep it. It was a very pleasant occupation because there were no weeds or thorns. Then God brought all the animals to Adam. What a parade! Do you know why? God wanted to see what Adam would call them, what name he would give them. This is how this soft ball of hair that clings to eucalyptus trees is called “panda” and this little critter that always moves with its house is called “turtle”. God told Adam to rule over all animals and take care of all creation. In this paradise, man found no being who was like him, none resembled him. He felt alone; he had no one with whom to share his life, his privacy. God said: – It is not good that the man is alone. I will make him a helper that suits him perfectly. He made Adam fall into a very deep sleep and he took one of his ribs. With this rib, He formed another living being which He brought to Adam. What a surprise and what a joy! Adam cried out: – This time, here’s someone like me, of the same blood as me! We will call her “woman” because she was taken from the man. This was the first wife, Eve. Adam loved her. They got together, it was the first marriage. God blessed their marriage and told them to have children, to form a family. At the end of this 6th day, God looked at all he had done and he said – It’s very good! He was satisfied. Adam and Eve, the first two humans were perfect. They lived in a beautiful harmony. Every night … do you know what was going on? God came to see them and spoke with them. But after the 6th… there was the 7th day. Do you know what happened that day? Now, God rested from all His work, from all that He had done.

1, 2 3, 4 AND YOU AND ME! When I look at the people around me, I say to myself: – This gentleman, this lady, this old man, these children, they did not come by chance; it was God who gave them life. And … everyone is different. When you look at your hands, fingers, joints, nails, skin, anything you can do with your hands, you can definitely say with me: – It’s really great, thank you God! Our body is a wonder, for you and for each of us to take care of. You can reread chapters one and two of the book of Genesis. You will find our story. Let’s answer the question: What were Adam and Eve like? Adam and Eve were similar to us.

4, 3, 2, 1 AND WE PARENTS! Regarding the origin of life, our children will be confronted with different theories, it is important to strengthen their faith in this Creator God. How? Quite simply by revisiting with them the story of creation, by awakening them in a very simple and natural way, to the beauty of nature, to respect for the earth, to respect themselves, their body, their spirit and every human being. The first institutions of God, which are marriage and the family unit being strongly questioned, we strengthen our children by reminding them of what God has established.