We talked about creation and we saw how Adam and Eve lived happily with God but also how they disobeyed him, preferring to obey the devil. Since that day, misfortune has come on earth, evil has entered the hearts of all men and there is a separation between God and men. We may wonder how men are going to approach Him. This is precisely what we will see now and at the end of the story you can answer the question of the day: What is the name of the promised Savior ?

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Adam and Eve lived happily in paradise. They were in perfect health; they knew neither fear nor evil. God came every evening to speak with them. One day they made a terrible choice. Instead of continuing to obey God, they decided to listen to the devil. They were punished. God cast them out of paradise. Evil had entered their hearts and the whole world bringing all the kinds of sufferings and tears you can imagine. Their life was not the same; they were now alone, separated from their God. But God, who still loved them, had made them a promise. Do you know that was that promise? He promised them that he would send someone to save men from this situation. A savoir so powerful that he will be victorious over the devil. This is good news, but it will be centuries before this promise comes true. So … how are men going to come close to God, to be forgiven for their disobedience, their faults? Do you have a little idea? God said: – You will sacrifice a lamb, it will be punished in your place and you can approach me. But, I repeat, one day there will be no more need for sacrifices. I will send you the Savior I promised. For years, God prepared the coming of this Savior. He chose Abraham, a man you’ve heard of before. His descendants became the people of Israel. It is among these people that God will send the Savior. Later, He gave Moses the 10 Commandments. Why the 10 commandments? Well, to help men make good choices, make good decisions. You certainly know some of them: • You will honor your father and your mother • You will love your neighbor • You will not kill • You will not steal • You will not lie What do you think of these commandments? I think they are excellent. If we all did what God asks, life would be better. But … we can’t always do that because our hearts are not as good as we might think. That’s why, God also said: – When the Savior comes, he will change your heart, your thoughts. But, how were people going to recognize this savior? You may have asked yourself the question. Now, God Himself gave clues. Here are two: – A young girl will have a child, and she will name him Emmanuel. This savior will therefore be a baby who will come supernaturally. – His place of birth: a prophet said he would be born in the small village of Bethlehem. Many people knew about God’s promise. Some, who did not believe it too much, continued to live without caring, disobeying God, but others were impatiently awaiting it. They were rejoicing. They said: – At last! God will be able to forgive our disobediences, to receive us into his presence. They prayed and did everything for him to be pleased. And one day over 2,000 years ago God said: – Now everything is ready, now is the time, I send the savior! But we won’t say more for today; we will meet again to find out what happens next in our next talk. 1, 2 3, 4 AND YOU AND ME! We are fortunate to live after the coming of this savior. No more waiting for him, he has arrived but do you know him? As we go through our talks you will discover how wonderful he is. I have known him for a long time and yet I still want to know him better. The more we know him the more we love him. Let’s answer the answer to today’s question: What is the name of the promised Savior? Of course, it is Jesus. 4, 3, 2, 1 AND WE PARENTS! We have only made a slight overview of several centuries of the life of the people whom God has chosen for himself but it seems useful for children to understand the reasons for this separation between God and men, for the promise he has. Made, of the need for a savior and therefore why Jesus came. Of course, you will have the opportunity to talk to them again. Little by little their knowledge will become clearer. By discovering this savior, they will also discover who God is.