Today we are going to talk about a boy who is sick. Yes it happens to everyone to be sick. Angina, bronchitis, fever! You have to stay in bed, miss school or an outing with friends … you know that! After a few good remedies you are back on your feet, and off you go! You’re on your way again. But when the disease is serious, very serious, what happens? Yes, everything changes at home, what becomes important; the most important is to find a way to cure it. We would like the patient to recover so badly that we are ready to do anything. Aren‘t we? Today, in the story of the Gospel of John that we are going to tell you, we will find out what this sick boy’s father is going to do. Pay close attention and you can answer the question: Did Jesus answer the daddy’s request?

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Jesus returns to Cana where he performed his first miracle. You remember he changed the water into wine at a wedding. About thirty kilometers from Cana, in the town of Capernaum, lives a Roman officer with his family. He has a son but this boy is sick. The more the days go by the more the disease worsens, the boy no longer eats, cannot stand up, he has no more strength, the fever is violent. He’s worn out. All that was possible was done, unfortunately without results. With illness, sadness has entered into this house. The parents are desperate. Often mom and dad cry. Friends, neighbors would like to do something but what? It’s finished, there is nothing more to be done. Someone has heard that Jesus has just arrived in Cana. He talks to the daddy about it. Hope immediately comes back in this family, they regain courage. The dad doesn’t hesitate, he leaves everything and sets off, he absolutely must meet Jesus. This is his last hope because his son is now on the verge of death. He is moving as quickly as possible, time is running out… the trip seems very long to him. Around one in the afternoon, he finally arrives in front of Jesus: – Lord, please come with me, he begs, come, my boy is dying, come and heal him! He insists: – Lord, come to my house before my child dies! – Go, Jesus said to him; go home, your child is alive! Jesus does not follow him but this man catches the words of Jesus. He squeezes them in his heart, he believes what Jesus has just told him. He takes the way back. Of course, this is not what he had planned. He wanted to bring Jesus back with him and he comes back on his own, but he believes that Jesus told him the truth, his son is not going to die, he is healed. The road is long; He walks as fast as he can. The next day, he sees in the distance men running towards him: – Your son, your son, he is living! Your son is alive! He’s healed. – At what time did he feel better? Asks the dad to his servants. – Yesterday, around one in the afternoon, all of a sudden the fever left him.” The officer’s face lights up. One p.m! This is when Jesus told him: – Your son is alive! After sadness, misfortune, tears, it is joy in this house. This daddy who left his dying child now holds him in his arms, he finds him in full health exactly as Jesus had told him. And yet, Jesus did not come to his house, but the miracle happened. Everyone marvels at the power and love of Jesus. What he says comes true. Of course, mum, dad, and the whole family believe in Jesus and decide to obey him.

1, 2 3, 4 AND YOU AND ME! Praying to Jesus? Ask him for his help? Yes! You can do it too, all of you We can do it. This boy’s daddy didn’t hesitate, he walked all those miles to ask Jesus to come and heal his child. He may have been surprised that Jesus did not come to his house as he asked, but he was not discouraged, he believed Jesus on word. And finally … what is most important: That things happen as you imagine, as you want, or that Jesus answers your prayers as he has decided? Jesus always knows what to do and how to do it; so you can trust him. When you have a problem, a need, pray, and let it act and you will see big and beautiful things in your life because he loves children and wants to do you good. Let us answer the question: Did Jesus answer the daddy’s request? Jesus did not respond to the daddy’s request to come to his house, but yes! He did answer his request, his prayer to heal the child. And that is the most important.

4, 3, 2, 1 AND WE PARENTS! Trust! Believing what we are told … it’s not always easy! And we have reason not to be naive and not to believe everything and everyone without thinking. But have you noticed that sometimes we find it easier to trust men than God? Yet … that’s what he says that comes true. Does he always respond as we want, as we tell him to do, when we have decided? No, but… who knows what’s best for us? In his Word he always encourages us to trust him for our life and that of our children! By the way, have you noticed that our little children sometimes amaze us with the simplicity of their faith? God loves them and he honors their faith.