In our first four talks “1, 2, 3 STORY TIME”, we saw that God is the origin of life. He created everything and everything He did was perfect. But Him… God, who made Him? What is he like? Where is He? These are questions we can ask ourselves. We will now provide some answers. I suggest that you find three answers to the question: God, what is He like?

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You know when your life started, but you don’t know when it will end. But one thing is certain, for you as for me, there has been a beginning and there will be an end to our life. God … He has no beginning, no end. No one created Him, He has always existed and He will always be there. I don’t know how old you are, but He has no age, He does not get old, He is eternal. Maybe you wonder what he looks like? You have certainly seen statues, idols. There are all kinds, sometimes well decorated, covered with gold, plaster, wood or stone. They don’t see, don’t hear, they’re dumb and lifeless, if you talk to them they can’t answer… God… He doesn’t look like them at all. He is alive. What does that mean? Well! That He is present He is by all the men. Whether it is day or night, He is near us. Isn’t that reassuring? He knows when you sleep or have fun, when you work, when you laugh or when you are sad. He hears. If you talk to Him, He will listen to you even if no one else hears what you say to Him. God speaks and what he said his words, men wrote in a book. Do you know this book? It’s the Bible. By reading it, we can know Him better. He tells us what is pleasing to Him, what He wants for us, how He wants to help us, how much He loves us. He also gives us lots of advice to be happy, for example He tells us: – Don’t take what’s not yours. Always tell the truth. When we do what He tells us, we avoid a lot of problems. He can also speak to us in our hearts, to us only. Have you ever heard people say: – Me… God… I would like to see him! Maybe you said that too. It is not possible, we cannot see Him. He doesn’t have a body like us. He is Spirit. It’s not very easy to understand. We cannot explain God but we can believe in Him. He is infinitely great, all-powerful. He can do anything. You remember we said how He created everything out of nothing. What do we still know? He is holy. It means that there is no wrong in Him and that nothing wrong can stay in His presence. He is also fair. Injustice, preferences, we don’t like that. If you are punished for someone else, you are unhappy and sad, may be even angry. God fair. To the one who has done well, He says: “It is good!”, and to the one who has hurt, He says: “It is wrong!» He does not make a preference and He is never wrong. He is also love. Yes, he loves me and he loves you as you are. It is sometimes difficult for us to believe that He loves us because we know very well that we don’t deserve it, we are not perfect. Yet He loves us and we will see it in our next stories. We can also ask ourselves: where is He? Where do you think He lives? He is everywhere. He fills the heavens and the earth. He is said to be ubiquitous. He is everywhere at the same time. He can do good for a child over there in a tiny village in China and at the same time heal a daddy in Kenya, rescue a mother in Canada, but also answer your prayer. He is also omniscient, what does that mean? He knows everything. He knows me and you too He knows you and your parents and every human being. No one can hide from Him, even if He goes to the bottom of the sea. There is still a lot more we could say; we will discover them in our next talks

1, 2 3, 4 AND YOU AND ME! Everything we have just heard encourages me to trust God, and makes me want to know him better, and you like to know him better? I suggest you think about it. In our next talk, we will answer this question: Do I matter to God? Am I of value to Him? I don’t know what you answered to our question: God, what is He like? Here are three answers: He is eternal, He is love, He is righteous but there are many more, you can read the story again and you will make a short list. .

4, 3, 2, 1 AND WE PARENTS! During their college life, our children receive information about the different religions. They may also one day be drawn to astrology, magic, the occult, the supernatural; it is therefore important that they gradually have a more precise knowledge of God, the God of the Bible, that they have their questions answered. We hope that these few elements can help you in your exchanges with them.